Megalodon in the middle of Monaco


I visited Monte Carlo in 2015. This little town is one and only town in even little state Monaco. This state is the second smallest state on the Earth. And i felt everything of it. I enjoyed sun, heat and coolest people in France. When i stayed there I was in Oceanographic museum. I visited most of the museums of Ocean and more. But this one was special. They have there fossil of sharks and most special is fossil of Megalodon. I was thrilled. I have so much respect for sharks, but I can’t help myself, I love them too. Especially White Shark. He is so terrible and dangerous. Many years ago, when a I saw Jaws movie for the first time, I was scared. And I still am. And at the same time I admire them. Just face your fear, live your life and do something crazy.

What do you think? Do Megalodons still exist? Or they died a long time ago? We still don’t know. But I think that they still alive somewhere deep in the ocean. And they are biding for their time. Then take over the whole world.

Back to my experiences in Monaco. If you visit this Museum, go to see another fossils. And of course living animals too. They have beautiful blue jellyfish there. Lot of fish and little sharks. These sharks are so cute and small. You can touch them. It is a unique experience. Their skin is very special. Shark skin isn’t made of normal fish scales. They have rather small teeth similar to shark teeth in general. This scales are called “Dermal scales”. Therefore shark’s skin is very rough. I was surprised so much. I didn’t know they have rough skin. I thought their scales are soft.

Check my picture under this text and let us know what do you think about sharks and Megalodon.

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With wonderful jellyfish girls in Monaco

The most breathtaking sunrise in my whole life. This picture was taken at 5 a.m.
Fossil  of Megalodon jaws. How small i’m here
Another fossil of shark
This country is like a little Las Vegas by the sea. Love this atmosphere.
Oceanographic museum


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