Apocalypse is coming to Prague

My first Apocalyptica concert was on 11. 2. 2017. But I have been loving this Finnish metal band for long time before. My father showed me these guys when i was 5 I think. Maybe even younger. I don’t remember exactly. When I heard their songs, I fell in love. And when I saw Eicca Toppinen for the first time, he became my hero. Everytime my father was listening to them, I was there too. Now I don’t understand why I went to their concert after such a long time of knowing them. They were in Prague so many times, but I missed it. This is so sad. But after this show I will never miss them again.
I came to see Apocalyptica with my father and brother. Venue was in Prague Forum Karlín. I was happy, because they played there 3x in the same weekend and with the same tour. And one show played in Zlín too. ( This is city in Moravia in the Czech Republic ) Their shows were totally sold out. They are so famous here. And popular. I’m proud of it. This tour is called ,,Apocalyptica plays Metallica by four cellos”, and this is anniversary tour. They are celebrating 20 years together. It’s impossible, I was only 2 when they started playing with this band. Year 1996 was so magical for these guys.
Concert started with part 1. First song was ,, Enter Sandman” and they welcomed Prague with so much love and happiness in the faces. I almost cried. My thoughts were like ,,Oh my god, they are standing there and watching me”. This first part of the show was 1 hour-long. And then was a little break for building the drums for Mikko. After 20 minutes was the band on stage again.

Started part 2. First song was ,,Fade to black” and show was better now. People stood up and sang famous songs of Metallica. My favorite song of this part was absolutely ,,Battery” and ,,Seek and Destroy“. In this song Eicca was trying to sing. But I think he can’t sing at all. On videos on YouTube it sounds different, than live. Then they left the stage.
We got encore. The most famous and beautiful song I ever heard from Apocalyptica. ,,Nothing else matters“. Do you love this song too? And another encore song was ,,One“. I think one of the most emotional text from Metallica. I enjoyed these songs so much. Because end was near and i was sad. I wanted jump on the stage and give Eicca and Perttu one big kiss for everything they have done for us. But I couldn’t. So maybe next time, when I will pay a VIP ticket. Then I will speak to them. I will say them how grateful I am.
After this night spent with Finnish boys I can say I’m so proud to be metal fan. So keep rocking, guys! 

Check out my 2 videos from this concert on my YouTube channel –>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMOsRTBL70I

Waiting for an amazing show

Jpeg Enjoying first song Jpeg I love them so much.


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