Gdańsk – Vibes of the Baltic Sea


This city is believed to be the true pearl of north Poland. Stunning architecture, dreamy harbor and, most importantly, shiny waves of the sea.

You are walking through quiet streets surrounded by bushes. Few tourists roaming in both directions and little stalls with ice cream reminds you that your destination is close. You know the sea is near. You can feel it by all your senses. There are no peddlers selling fish products, seashells or flip flops with crazy prints. Like if all the inhabitants wanted to forget they live in a city by the sea. Yet, everyone is somehow very well aware of that. And it’s the same in whole Gdańsk.

You don’t get lead to the sea. It will just appear in front of you. But once you finally step your foot on warm sand and glance over Baltic Bay, you will taste the amazing atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you wander around the coast and look for little shells in the sand (and you can be sure to find a lot of them), or you jump into the water right away (just be careful as the sea might be rather cold), this place will leave a mark in your heart.

But don’t get me wrong, Baltic sea is not the only thing worth visiting in Gdańsk. If you are at least a bit interested in modern history, you won’t regret seeing small peninsula called Westerplatte, the place where the whole World War II started. But history of the city reaches much, much further. The first written mention about the city comes from 997, and since then it started to build its fame.

The Old Town, probably one of the most attractive places, takes you right into the middle age. Most of the buildings keep their authenticity – the streets even carry the same name as they did 500 years ago! It’s also a place where lots of architectonic styles meet. But the best view is, of course, from above. Therefore our steps lead to Town Hall, which offers the visitors to climb up to the tower. There is no elevator so you have to walk all by yourself, but it’s worth every step.

But back to the ground. If you walk through Old Town, you can’t miss Neptun’s Fountain. The legend says there was water with gold sparkles in it once. St. Mary’s Church, another dominant of Gdańsk, is impressive Gothic monument you shouldn’t miss either. For people who don’t mind staying up late I recommend to go for a little walk in the night – you won’t regret. Dreamy illumination (and a bit less tourists) will let you enjoy the city in brand new view.

Beside that, you will – of course – find a lot of restaurants around the river Motława. With the view on various ships, plate of local seafood, omnipresent amber souvenirs and Schiller’s Ode to Joy coming from the Town Hall-clock every hour, you wish this was not your last visit.



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