How I found myself in Finland

I wanna tell you my story of  finding my place to be. It’s really one amazing story to tell. People always told me they imagine me like a girl from Italy or Spain. How I’m enjoying hot sun, swim in the sea and how I drink ,,Sex on the beach”. And I imagined myself like that too. I was born to enjoy heat and sun on the southern Hemisphere. I loved high temperatures so much. My tan was always perfect. People mistaken me with a Greek, or with an Italian. And I was very happy.

Now I know I was wrong. I wasn’t born to live in Africa, or somewhere in Greece. Who knew, that I would fall in love with Finland?! It’s absurd. In Finland is all year-long cold weather, rainy and snowy. It is because we are finding ourselves in our lifetime. Or maybe it’s because I’m an enthusiast of the Finnish rock and metal. Someone finds his passion now, someone later. I can say, i found it now and it is luckiest moment in my life. When I realized I’m finally there, where I have to be. Every single day I thought I’m living in wrong country, and now at least I know, where i belong to. Don’t give up, your day will come too.

I have traveled trough Europe. I have seen so many countries. I will create here my experience from my traveling and I hope you will like it.
This text is taken from beginning of my book. It is all about my journey around Sweden, Finland and Russia. You can expect much more about this beautiful and the best trip. And don’t forget ,,May the Earth shatter into a thousand pieces, nothing will stop me from taking the opportunity to travel!” 


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  1. Lučina says:

    Ten drink si u tebe představim, ať budeš kdekoliv 😀 ale pěkně si to vystihla 🙂

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