Back in time with beautiful German boys

For the first time when I saw Tokio Hotel it was in Czech magazine and I was 11. At this moment started my euphoria called Tokio Hotel mania. Now im older and I still love this band. Their style of music changed a lot. But it was my childhood and i grew up with them. Therefore they mean a lot to me.

I was 3x on their shows. For the first time it was in Prague 3.4.2007 and then it was 15.3.2010 in Prague too. How time flies. I have liked them almost 12 years. It’s absolutely crazy. After long time i went to their concert on this Monday, 3.4.2017.  Do you see this accordance with the first date of their concert in Czech Republic? Me too. It is so amazing. Dream Machine was anniversary show for us.

When i came to the venue (SaSaZu) i saw so many people there. In the background stood tour buses for our boys and their crew. It was amazing to see this. I met my friends and we talked about everything. For example how much this band changed style and their kind of music. How we like this music now, and how we have changed. It is so nice meet old Tokio friends after those long 7 years. After a while it started raining. I was so disappointed, on sunday was wonderful weather. And we stayed waiting. I hate waiting, especially on concerts. We were lucky, because we saw Bills and Toms dogs. Bills Pumba and Toms still nameless dog. They were so cute. I love dogs, especially their. I have never seen so brave dogs. At 8 p.m. we could go into the club. I was surprised when i realized I’m in the first row.

Beginning of show was few minutes before 9 p.m. Black curtain fell down and in front of me stood Bill Kaulitz with his futuristic mask on the cheek. And next to him was his twin Tom Kaulitz and friends Georg Listing and drummer Gustav Schäfer. My heart was beating so hard, almost jumped out of my chest. I couldn’t believe I’m standing there. First song was from the new album and name of this song is ,,Something new”. After this start they played not so much good song ,,Boy don’t cry”. But I enjoyed it nevertheless. Bill had speech about their last concert in Prague 7 year ago. And he remembered his first official show here. And the magical date. He looked so happy to be here. After that they played older songs too. For example ,,Feel it all” from album Kings of Suburbia, and ,,Darks side of the sun” from album Humanoid. They had acoustic part too. With even old song like ,,Black”. It was so nostalgic for me. My tears almost fell down on my cheek. We can’t see Tom with acoustic guitar often anymore. So great experience. After this nostalgic part came another new nice song. ,,Easy” was only partly acoustic. But my most favorite song of their new songs was ,,Better”, This song is liberating as bird. You will be free and cleaned of bad relationships. In this song Bill looked very sad and in the end he showed middle fingers for better times. This was for me most personal and strongest moment of this show. Concert took 1 hour and then was encore. It was 3 songs. ,,What if, Durch den Monsun and Stop Baby”. I think that What if is one hilarious song in the new album, after Elysa and Better. When they started playing classic song Durch den Monsun SaSaZu was thrilled. Fans were in the fire. After all it’s Tokio Hotel’s first song ever. Everyone love it. But here is the concert in the end. How sad. We had to wait for this 7 long years.

I hope that this band isn’t here for the last time. They surprised me with their energy, magic and love. The truth is, I don’t listen their new music so much, but they still remain in my older heart. Guys, i will never forget. I’m grateful for this sweet memories. And I’m thankful for seeing you as close as it was possible.

Here you can see my video from this gig —> Unfortunately, I stood at the loudspeaker, therefore the sound is so badIMG_20170403_171845 Me with the legendary tour buses.IMG_20170403_180033Pumbi and Toms dog.IMG_20170403_205000First moment of Dream Machine in PragueIMG_20170403_211143.jpgBill and Tom KaulitzIMG_20170403_213058I love his crazy heelsIMG_20170403_214817Tom was so close to meIMG_20170403_215018Dream Machine selfieIMG_20170403_220501.jpgEnd of the show with the song ,, Stop Baby”


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  1. Lučina says:

    Jsem ráda, že se ti to líbilo. 🙂 Myslim, že bych řvala taky, podle toho jak to pěkně popisuješ.

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