The City of Nobel price

Sweden. This is another beautiful country I have seen in my gypsy life. I have been there last year. I drove through this land. I started in Öresund bridge in Copenhagen, Denmark and i ended in capital city of the Kingdom of Sweden, Stockholm. I saw so many places from this country. Like the second largest lake in Sweden called Vättern and so many forests and cities. Like Vaxjö, Malmö and Jönköping.

After a long night ride through inland we stopped at the gas station. I made a break, I stretched my legs and had a breakfast. I noticed that there is a lot of things different compared to the Czech Republic. It’s 6 a.m. and most people are smiling and chatting. Is it real? They have here special desk for the breakfast food, coffee, juice. Everyone can take everything they want. This wouldn’t work in the Czech Republic, I think. When i looked at the map in my phone i figured out I’m on the outskirts of Stockholm. Yes, finally i’m standing here. In the city of Nobel prizes. It was happy, little bit rainy, freezing August morning.

I stepped out of the bus and first I saw is so many cyclists. They have here weird law. Every cyclists always have priority over cars and over pedestrians. It’s really strange. But now lake Mälaren is my location near Stockholm city hall. This view is powerful. Stockholm is full of many lakes. Nature is everywhere here. City is clean and fresh. How perfect is it. In this city hall are passing Nobel prizes. On top of the hall i see three crowns, that are the sign of Stockholm. I continue to the city centre across the street Birger Jarls torg 2 in the direction to Gamla stan. When I look around me i see old buildings with the new houses too.  And finally i can see also Baltic see. On the left up to the hill is The Royal Palace. But you have to concentrate to  spot this palace. This building is so inconspicuous. Opposite the Palace is a little Finnish church, for the Finnish population in Stockholm. Even it was rainy everywhere was so many people and tourists. Then i came to the square and saw so many colours, this  is so fantastic. It reminds me style of Amsterdam. I’m enjoying this moment. At the end of the street is German church. In this church it was a nice warm. I was surprised. In the Czech churches is always cold as in winter. I was glad i could warm up my body. In this church i sat about 2 hours, i think. I was frozen. Then i was waiting for a changing of the guard in front of the Royal Palace. I know this is cliché. I saw this so many times. In Monaco, London and in Windsor. But this was  a different kind of changing.

Everywhere were people. Kinds, adults, teenagers and seniors too. Everybody wanted to see this ceremony. When it started I realised it is so funny. I wasn’t bored anymore. They made it from a serious process to funny theatre. Soldiers played the trumpet and sang songs from famous movies. Audience cheered. And they sang too. Kinds were dancing and laughing. it was the prettiest changing of the guard i have ever seen. I recommend you to visit it.

I left this place with a lot of positive energy. I went to the harbour. There I waited for a little ship. I take a little ride around the bay. And across every important monuments. It was rainy again, so i was glad I’m there in this boat with the roof. When i saw everything i wanted to visit a Museum of Vasa. I stepped out from the boat and on the other side i saw my home for this night. Ocean liner called Viking Line. This is Finnish company for transport from Sweden to Finland. Next to the Vasa museum is little swedish “Disneyland” with a carousels and with rollercoasters. I wanted go there, maybe next time. My visit in Vasa museum was nice. I learned so much about this historic ship with bad end. I saw movie about this there and i saw this ship too. She is unbroken and wonderful. This is another place you must visit. And this was my end of the day in Stockholm. I was full of positivity and my gypsy ego was happy.

Then I went to my viking ship and relaxed so far. I took glass of wine and watched sea and islands of Sweden. Our next stop was Aland Islands. And then Turku in Finland. How i was happy when i realised that. I couldn’t believe it. Another morning i finally found myself.SDC13203 Beginning the story on Rostock port, in GermanyIMG_20160817_081033.jpg City Hall in Stockholm. Scene for Nobel prizes.SDC13213Enjoying sunset on ferry to Denmark.SDC13221Panorama of Stockholm on Mälaren lake.SDC13254 Coloured  houses in Old town.SDC13269 Boat trip.SDC13280.JPG Changing of the guard.SDC13281JpegAmazing lady Vasa


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