Mother Monster is saving my life

What do you imagine, when I say Lady GaGa? A girl with crazy meat dress, or lady with an amazing voice? For me is this woman by own name ,, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta” most talented and the most beautiful woman with incredible voice and kindness in her heart. She is everything for me. My female idol, spiritual friend and my savior. She saved my whole life. I had so much problems in my life many years ago, I felt so down. I thought I’m done. I had depression, lot of health problems and a lot of pain, i was so lost in my feelings. Every night i cried, i was alone. I lost everything, love of my life. Then I figured out, it wasn’t the love of life. It was perfect illusion. And she was for me like an angel. I want to thank this lady for my present and future.

I had special chance to see her live in my country. This night was peerless for me. Concert venue was in O2 Arena in Prague. Date of this was 5. October 2014. She had been there with her tour named ,, Lady GaGa’s Artrave the Artpop Ball“, shortly just Artrave. She presented here her fourth album Artpop, which is my favorite. Because it is so special and personal for her, and for me too.

When that day occurred I didn’t know what to expect. My feelings were mixed. I was looking forward to her so much. I waited In front of the hall almost 6 hours. Everywhere were so many people, with beautiful and Infamous costumes. One girl had costume like our Lady for her performance with Lovegame song on Born this Way Ball tour. This was absolutely hilarious. At 6.p.m. the doors were opened. All fans got inside very slowly, but I was lucky and I got inside almost first. When I came into the hall in front of stage I was amazed. She had the best stage ever. This stage was built almost across the hall with sophisticated translucent catwalk.

At 7:30 p.m. started pre-show with GaGa’s friends. First was singer named Breedlove. He sang a couple of his songs like a ,,Catch a Fire” and many others. In this moment I saw my savior for the first time this night. Lady GaGa came to us and enjoyed his show with us. She was without make-up with funny hat and overall. She was co nice. Second pre-show belonged GaGa’s best friend and great female DJ Lady Starlight. Now the party began. Everybody there danced and had so much fun. This was big techno party. In half of this show Lady GaGa  appeared again. In the same overall and hat. All fans were so happy to see her before the show. She danced with Lady Starlight on stage and she looked so great. And oh my god, she is really too small, like me. We had 1,55 cm. And we are proud. When Lady Starlight ended her show, long waiting for our star started. We were so excited.

Her preparations lasted almost another hour and a half. It was 9:30 p.m. and the lights went out. We could hear intro for this Artrave. At this moment went on stage her dancers with colored balls and show began. First song was of course iconic Artpop. Lady came on stage with great wings covered in gold. With blonde wig for sure. She greeted us with flawless and pure singing. When she lost her wings started song G.U.Y when she started screaming on other sitting people. ,, What’s up, Prague?! Are you ready to rave? Everybody stand up! And have fun! Put your hands up, Motherfuckers!” I have to say I had her as close as it was possible. I think around 1-2 meter. Third song was Donatella, yeah right it is about one and only Donatella Versace. She is singing in this song I’m so fab, check out I’m blond, skinny, rich and I’m little bit of a bitch. And she really was.

Then came second part of the party. She wore seashells bikini and special, brunette and big curly wig. It is my favorite look on this tour. She ranked on this part song Venus, and Manicure. When she played Manicure she lay down on the floor and handed her fans her hand. I stood there and I could touch her. This was my absolutely best experience on this concert. finally was my idol so close to me. Me and my friend were so lucky.

And came third part. With most famous songs at all, I think. Just Dance and Poker Face and Telephone. After this was break. And she brought to us ,,new” song Partynauseous like an interlude. When she came back to the stage she had great spotted costume, which looked like an octopus. Yeah, in front of us stood beautiful, pink octopus with blonde hair. This strange part started with another famous and old song called Paparazzi. After this song she postponed his crazy octopus tentacles. And performed new song from Artpop. Do what you want. On this set she had on stage big hand, she sat on this and the hand lifted her directly over us. In this part she showed, she is really great singer. Her vocal was absolutely strong.

Next came real show of her voice. An acoustic part. Only Lady and her voice, and piano. Most powerful moments. She sat behind the piano and sang Dope. Song for us, for her fans. When I looked around me i saw so many people crying. And i cried too. She had speech about drugs, alcohol and suicide. She wish us happy and safe ride  home this night and she cried too with us. You can see how much is she connected with her fans. She is humane. Song You and Ï fixed the tension. People stopped cry and sang happy again. After this she surprised us with cover of one song from rock band Led Zeppelin. She never sang this song on Artrave before. This was song called Whole Lotta Love. I welcomed it so much because I’m big  fan of this kind of music. I was so glad for this. Now she returned to the acoustic set with song Born this Way. Another powerful and crying part. With painful speech. When she was singing all people were quiet. But chorus sang everybody. She made there one most mean full and little funny speech and it was:,, If you are Czech, and you are gay, hold your head and be fucking proud.” I think this speech is very powerful. And everybody should be proud of themselves and especially should love themselves. This is what this song is about.

Another interlude was song with rappers T.I. Too $hort and Twista. It was my least favorite song from Artpop. Then GaGa changed her outfit to green wig with very sexy latex outfit. And she rocked with short version of Edge of Glory without any music, only with her voice. People were speechless. And were on edge with her. Then came favorite song for everybody Judas. And song from new album ,, Aura“. When she started singing song Sexxx Dreams I was in my heaven. I love this naughty song. Same like another weed song Mary Jane Holland. And next song was Alejandro. This is another favorite song, because it is about fear from sex. And it is so interesting theme, i mean. There came interlude again. This time with ,, Ratched” but now GaGa wasn’t leaving us. She stayed on stage and changed her costume there. With her stylists and hair stylist. She was almost naked there. She had only stickers on her nipples and tanga underwear. When she was done we saw another crazy outfit. Colored long dreadlocks and green costume. Started almost last part of this special show. With classic, like  Bad Romance. This song is known by everybody on the Earth. Or am I wrong? Following song was from Artpop again. Called Applause. And people really gave applause to this woman. And so loud. And there is end of the show. Before encore there was so emotional song for our Lady GaGa. Swine. She transformed to the pig and her dancer really looked like pigs with their piggy costumes. She jumped, and enjoyed every second with her soul mates. With us. Monsters and GaGa are forever.

And here is the encore. We waited so long. She had to change her crazy outfit to lady outfit. She wore amazing white princess dress. Came last speech to us. And my most favorite song on Artpop album. It’s called Gypsy. This song means a lot to me, because I’m avid traveler. And this is all about this. Traveling around the world and meeting people. She said there, we will always remember this time together. We can’t forget talking about love, kindness… Because this song is for us, for her Little Monster Gypsy Kingdom.

And GaGa, I will remember everything forever. Thank you for everything you have done for me. You are bringing light to my life. I love you, you are just  most inspiring person I have ever met. Be yourself, be love for us. Everytime, everywhere.. Big thanks, and lots of kisses.10626292_10154707986345430_52130741383417031_oAss-derb  In Prague.

10649598_776120629101326_3298157031121075659_nJudas part. I love her green wig.10622858_825786904120086_8419463024170545764_nBeggining of the show with Artpop.

10538550_915324128497660_228846537322099972_nMe and my goddess of love.10665128_826653204033456_2242826047424883596_n.jpgI love her, when she is pretending piggy nose and tail.


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