My journey from the west of Finland to the east to Russian border

When I ended my day in magical city of Nobel prizes, I found out that I will share the cabin on the Viking Line with 4 people. I was scared, because i don’t like people. And I have to share with them little cabin on the boat? With 2 strangers? absolutely crazy for me. But i decided i will be ok. And i will take it easy. I was nervous at this moment, when i saw mixed rooms with men. But i was lucky and i got to my room with 2 nice women and my travel mate.

After the ship left the harbor in Stockholm, I went to the last floor, I relaxed with a view on the islands. Then sun went slowly down and I started to be so tired. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I went to my room and lay to my bed for tonight. My roommates were there already. They disturbed me. They talked loudly and laughed. After a while i ignored it. And fell a sleep. At 5 a.m. I was awakened by the noise, it sounded as if the pipes were broken. I thought the ship is sinking, but I remembered a layover on Aland Islands. And i was clam, fell a sleep again in peace.

In the morning at 7 I went to have a breakfast. I ate and watched the beauty of Finland. Yeah, I was finally here. After two hours we landed in the Turku harbor. Many Finns says that Turku is most beautiful city in the country. Is it true? I don’t know. Every city in Finland is nice and beautiful. Turku is located in the south-west of Finland. It is mainly a university city. When i saw this finnish ground and nature, i couldn’t wait to get up on the ground and take a breath. When i finally did it, i was happy and i felt very good. For me this land is like a spiritual home.  The sun was shining, and weather was better than yesterday in Sweden. No rain and great temperature, I think 18 degrees on the sun of course, we are in Finland. Around me i see so many things. For example map city of Åbo, (Turku in swedish language) or beautiful buildings. In this moment when I sat on the bus started my way through the Finnish land, to the Russian  border and to St. Petersburg. From Turku it is about 550 km to St. Petersburg, so long ride waited for me. But i like these long rides around lands. I love traveling in many ways. When im traveling with the bus at least i see so many interests of that country, where I’m right now.

I started my journey on the west of Finland and ended it far in the east. In every part is something interesting for everybody. I’m leaving Turku and we are driving on the highway, that will take us to Helsinki. Around us are only villages and pure nature. Trees, little lakes and long ride. How I love finnish nature. I listened the music in my headphones. With finnish metal music it all makes sense. After 2 hours we arrived in the suburbs of Helsinki. Helsinki will not let me see more than many shops and so many cars. But I’ll be back in a week. We continued. The landscape began to change here. We are closer to the eastern part. Here are more lakes and towns. Here it is not so much abandoned. But people weren’t there. In this part of Finland are so many towns like Poorvo, Loviisa village or Kotka.

Close to the Russian border is nothing. Only forests and highway. We didn’t see any cars on the road. It was scary. By the roads that were repaired stood tractors and excavators. Like in a horror movie. In a few minutes we were at the border. There was no problem. At first we stood on the finnish-russian border. Finns were nice. And so much nicer than Russians. I’m so sorry Russian people, but your borders are boring, slow and unpleasant. But it is safe for you in your own country. Then we continued a few kilometers on Russian border. There we spend 3 hours. So welcome in Russia guys.SDC13272.JPG This ship waited on me in Stockholm harbor.IMG_20160823_095611.jpgHow the view looked like from Viking Line in Stockholm. ( With better weather in the end of the day)SDC13295.JPGMorning in Turku harbor with my home for one day.SDC13293.JPGTurku SDC13564Home on the sleepy ship. Early mornings don’t exist for Finns.


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