The place where princess Die died

My Parisian adventures were great, despite the fact that I don’t consider Paris to be such a romantic city, like many people think and say. But this city is still interesting by its own way. It’s typically french, everybody is speaking only in french language, everybody is reckless in love, drinking red wine, kissing under the Eiffel tower, spreading love and everybody celebrates every night and going to Moulin Rouge. Tell me, what is your image of typical French citizen?
I love many things about the capital of France. For example and primarily lady Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, street of luxury Champs-Élysées, this is the most famous avenue in Paris, basilica Sacré Coeur located on the top of the hill Montmartre, Notre-Dame, Modern quarter La Défense. Those were the most beautiful monuments I liked.

When I saw Eiffel tower for the first time in my life, I thought I’m in a dream. It is so high and thin. It looked like it could crash down. But this steel beauty is big vaunt of Paris and I like it so much. I didn’t have nice weather as always, but I climbed up. I will never forget this view. I was overwhelmed, speechless and full of emotions. Paris is so big city with lots of green places and trees. This city is flat, but on the top of the Montmatere hill are towering Basilica Sacre Coeur and it looks so majestic. I like heights, therefore I didn’t care about 300,65 m under me. For me it was challenge and exciting feeling.

Lovely feeling was walk through the Champs-Élysées avenue too. I felt there like a rich queen. There are so many expensive shops and apartments. I think this location for living is one of the most expensive street in the world. It is 1910 meters long street and connects two boulevards. It is Place de la Concorde and Place Charles de Gaulle. There is Arc de Triomphe too. In Paris is everything so close and available to every traveler. On Champs-Élysées for everybody who is shamelessly rich.

Another dominate is Louvre museum. One day for this visiting is not enough. This complex is so big. Most people say that visiting Louvre takes 3-4 days. I’m not so big fan of museums, but I was excited to see great paintings like Mona Lisa. This painting is so small in reality. Over this is every time so much people, everybody want to see this masterpiece. But I wasn’t disappointed. I enjoyed this moment. Another thing I liked in Louvre were Moai statues from Easter Islands. Really, they are here. I was glad to see them, because Easter Islands are so far away. I wish to see them someday on Easter Islands too. But It must be enough in Louvre this time.

My stay in Paris included Versailles. I think this castle is the biggest I have ever seen. Mainly the gardens and parks around. I visited castle inside. I visited gardens too. I met so interesting inhabitants. Like people dressed like Ludvig XVIII. and also nutria in the park. So cute animal.

In the end I would like to say I have been where English princess Diana died. It was so painful moment. I liked her so much when I was little girl. She was beautiful and smart. How every princess should be. On this place, where she died on 31. August 1997 in the car is everything strange. I felt horrible there. I saw this underpass for cars and it was depressing. I pray for her. This car crash always reminded me one song from Lady GaGa. This song is called Princess Die. It is about Diana but also Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Alexander McQueen and Issy Blow. This lyrics was written when Stefani had bad day, she didn’t feel well, she was lying in the bed, and then came Louis Vuitton package with a wonderful handbag and a beautiful crown. And she stayed all day at home. A crown on her head, full of depressing, dark, deep thoughts and feelings. She alone drank wine and smoked marijuana. But she also sings about her death and what will happen after that. I must to say i love this sad song. You must see it and listen to it here.

Guys,  I tell you, love traveling, love your family, your friends and be proud of who you are. It isn’t forever. I think that spending money on traveling is the best option. So live your life with big dreams, make them reality and wish princess Diana to rest in peace.SDC11691.JPG Place de la Concorde in background Eiffel towerSDC11707.JPGInside the LouvreSDC11722.JPGMe with the Louvre pyramidSDC11743.JPGLittle walk around the Quasimodo’s Notre-Dame. Did I see Esmeralda?SDC11751.JPGGrave of famous french writer Victor Hugo in Pantheon.SDC11794.JPGVersailles garden. I want to have one like this too.SDC11808.JPGStill Versailles garden. Amazing old house.SDC11828.JPG La Défense luxury SDC11850.JPG  Arc de Triomphe SDC11860.JPG View from Montmatere so powerful.SDC11870.JPGMy best picture of Eiffel tower SDC11878.JPGTired, without make-up but happy. Top of the Eiffel tower.SDC11874.JPG Breathtaking. ( Eiffel tower view again ) SDC11911Napoleon Bonaparte relics in Les Ivalides. SDC11928.JPG Champs-Élysées SDC11930Where princess Diana died SDC11960.JPGAt the end of the trip I visited one city in Champagne district called Reims.


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