From Russia with love

What do I think about Russia? What did this country give me? Lots of travel experience,  i felt surprised. I don’t know, every land, like every human is different. i can’t describe my feelings, because traveling is my life and i love everything about it, that means i love every country, every culture and every honest and nice citizen there, who will teach me to understand him. And that’s all about it.

When I crossed border from Finland to Russia I didn’t see anything. It was like in a desert, with the difference that this desert is in the north. It is so amazing to see this. Wherever I looked i saw forests and long and unmanaged roads. Sometimes one human or two appeared there, but not many. Typical Russia.

My beginning of this road to the Saint Petersburg leads through the town named Vyborg. We stopped at a gas station. I realized that this place is so scary and lonely. No one lives there. I think this is perfect place to shoot horror film. Anyway it’s unbelievable that Russia is so big. I stood there so small like I’m and I stood next to Alaska, China or next to South Korea too. This country has so many borders with so many interesting neighbors. But to the USA it is so far away of course. I am still dreaming for this dream trip.

After about two hours of travel, the silhouette of St. Petersburg begins to emerge in front of us. The suburb of the capital of the Leningrad region (yes, still the Leningrad region) is totally maintained, and purity is probably a vulgar word. I saw block houses everywhere. Windows were windowless and houses were falling apart and the street was strewn with trash bags. Here are perfect slums I think. Maybe poor people live there. So the environment looks like that, so sad. We’re stuck here in a traffic jam. I heard the real rush of the city here.

Through St. Petersburg we went to our hotel in the city center at least an hour and a half. It started raining. When we came to the river Neva, which flows through the center, I saw our hotel. It is right in the city center by the river, where is the view of all St. Petersburg monuments. Opposite of the hotel I could see the ship Aurora. When I arrived inside my home for this vacation, i would say that this hotel amazed me so much, when i saw mess on the streets i thought that accommodations are also messy. But it is not true. And i was glad for that. The corridors were absolutely phenomenal, quiet and silent, there was a pleasant smell and the floors were decorated with a beautiful brown carpet. Later i found out that accommodation is one of the cheapest services in Russia. Then I had dinner. I chose a table right at the window from where was beautiful view of St. Petersburg. In this hotel for the few days when i stayed, i had ones of the best dinners of my life. So, boys, if you want to invite me for dinner, remember this.

This first day in Russia was great. Because of new things, which I saw. I felt different vibes there. Everything here isn’t great, but I like this country too. Thank you so much for your support, beautiful old Russia. I hope to be back soon, and I will visit other cities too. For example Moscow. And wild nature in Siberia, or by lake Baikal.

From Russia with love

.SDC13483 Peace by the Hermitage. I love  summer chilling in the center of cities. JpegNight walk in the rain.IMG_20160820_010015.jpg Night is my favorite part of the day. ( More pictures from St. Petersburg will come later )


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