Lost in Pushkin town

I didn’t spent my first day in Russia only in Saint Petersburg. But also in the small town named Pushkin. This town is separate but still falls under St. Petersburg. There is the Carskoje Selo also called Catherine Palace, and here is the legendary curse of the Amber Chamber. Read more and learn more about this town, about Amber Chamber or about famous Russian writer Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin.

Pushkin, the city is also called in the Russian language as Carskoje selo, but it is an obsolete name, that was valid until 1917. Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin studied lyceum for the nobles here. As the name of the city suggests, it is named after this writer. Next to the entrance to the Catherine Palace, there is an extensive park, where is the statue of the Russian writer Pushkin, which I mention above, built in the middle. Around me is the rush and the crowd of tourists. At the entry gate stood a classical Russian choir of musicians who are supposed to imitate Alexandrov Ensemble choir. They were cheerful and gave smiles to each other. Around them girls danced in typical Russian costumes. Here I first realized I was really in Russia. Everything is so different from Europe. Catherine Palace is styled in the Elizabethan Baroque. When I looked up the turrets were gold-plated. How it is typical for Russia.

I went inside for a tour. Around me were so many people. They spoke Japanese but also English. Everything around me was luxurious and also gold-plated. There are exhibited original beds and other furniture, which used czars and their royal family. It all seemed so new and unused. Was it real? At the end of the tour we finally waited for entrance to the Amber Room. We were so excited to see this masterpiece. It’s a copy, but it’s still exciting. There has never been anyone who has heard of the original who has lost itself during World War II.

When I walked inside, I was very disappointed. The chamber isn’t different from another. The room is made of amber, but it could be more beautiful. But when you are in Russia, visit this chamber. Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. Believe me.

The next part of the day was to walk around the park. In the middle of park is a small lake, it looks like Finnish nature.
Then I just bought souvenirs and waited for the others. At 2 p.m. we were all in place, except for one old lady. We were scared. After one hour of waiting and searching for her we went to the police station. In the second half of the day we should be visiting St. Petersburg. But this lost lady delayed us. People were so angry. But I was only scared. What if she is ill? What if she is in danger? After about an hour, everything had been solved with the police, and the lady lost was wanted.

This day we visited also the historic Peter and Paul Fortress on the rabbit island. Here is the church of St. Peter and Paul with the tomb of Russian rulers. I had the opportunity to climb up the tower. The view was breathtaking, but the prospect was surrounded by a mesh. I felt really good even though we lost our lady. The wind blew my hair. I think, I would just be dead without traveling and such a beautiful moments in my life. How much I would live like a rock star and make a tour. To know the world and feel this way all the time.

And what happened to our lost lady? She surprised us so much. We arrived to the hotel for our dinner and she stood there like nothing happened. Everybody was angry as fuck. She told us that she was so bored, so she just got lost. She took a taxi to St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg she took a subway to the hotel. Really? I knew she is insane, but like this? Everybody saw only old and foolish witch. But we were happy to see her anyway.SDC13307Welcome here folks!

IMG_20160819_105532.jpgI found nice mirror room in Catherine palace.SDC13300 Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin statue.SDC13337.JPG Beautiful park Carskoje Selo.SDC13341I dont like lakes only in Finland, but in Russia too.SDC13313 Gold and blue is best combination. SDC13347  Peter and Paul Fortress SDC13359.JPGView from the tower of the Peter and Paul Catedral.SDC13365.JPGThis is most interesting rarite, toilets on the bus.


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