Mein Geburtstag Wochenende in der Haupstadt von Deutschland, Berlin.

Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin, I’m sending to you. Me and me best friend from college were on my birthday in Berlin. I want to tell you about everything what happened there.

It was very busy weekend. We started our trip in Prague in early morning on Saturday. Our trip to Berlin took about 4 hours by bus. We had a lot of fun on the bus. Especially because we have seen the beauty of Bohemia, but of Germany too. When we got to Berlin, first stop was in Dresden. I have been there so many times, but also Dresden is very great city. It was nice to be there again. When we arrived at ZOB Funkturm bus station, it started to rain. Despite this, we did not travel to our rented flat by public transport. It was a long way, but we arrived okay. The lady who rented our room was very kind and helpful.

First sightseeing we did was tour the underground. Alias U-Bahn. Oh, how terrible it is. I have never seen confusing subway like this! I have been almost everywhere in the Europe, but this? We were so confused and sad. We thought, that this is the end of tour in Berlin. We thought we would not get to the center. On Subway we met one young lady, she helped us a little, but not so much. When we transgressed on the station Zoologischer Garten we were lost. By the way, do you know, that this station is very famous because of book called ,,We Children from Bahnhof Zoo” In the original ,,Wir Kinder vom Banhof Zoo”? I recommend this book, I like drama and stories like this. It is a true story that was played mostly at the Zoologischer Garten station. Anyway, we found our way and got to the Siegessäule monument. We did not know how but we were there! I was happy like a kid. I love monuments like this. That big roundabout made me feel like I would be in Paris.
After that we saw ,,Waschmaschine” this is maybe little funny name for Chancellery of Germany. Next to the Waschmachine is located beautiful building ,, Bundestag”. The German Federal Assembly has its seat here.

The second stop began in front of the world-famous Brandenburg Gate. I expected it to be bigger, like on the pictures. But I still enjoyed it very much. My thoughts at that moment were like ,, Finally I’m in Berlin, I is only 400 km from my home, And I have never been here. What a shame!” Everywhere were so many people, taking selfies and have fun. We had fun with Lenka too. Enjoying sun, history and each other. After that we arrived to see Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It was so painful for me. I returned to the time I visited the Auschwitz. I think places and monuments like this should exist. They should remind us what happened and what should never happen again. This visit will remain in my heart. I will pray for the war victims.

Another and happier time in Berlin we spend on the street ,, Unter den Linden”. This street is so famous I think. Everywhere are expensive shops and restaurants. This street leads straight in front of Berliner Dom. There is nice park with the fountain. We enjoyed a lot of water fun with two ,,Berliners”. First one was from Russia, and another was maybe from Vietnam. But because we had a limited time We said goodbye to our friends and we continued to the Roter Rathaus and then to the Television Tower (Fernsehturm). How high and beautiful this tower is. It is so beautiful that I can write poems about this tower. We wanted to go up to the prospect, but it is so wicked expensive. That’s why we unfortunately didn’t see the sunset over the Berlin. Maybe next time.

Our feet and legs started to hurt during this evening. So we went shopping in Primark store on Alexander platz. But it was impossible. Around me were so many people that I couldn’t move. instead we went to walk around the square. I could feel the energy around me. I fell in love with the Alexander platz. It looks as it was still before the year 1989. Time seems to have stopped there. There I remembered the book ,, Wir Kinder vom Bahnof Zoo” again. Because on this place are events also frequent. After this walk we decided to go home and go for a beer and a birthday dinner.


In the morning Lenka planned the route. It seemed like we did not get lost. The first Sunday stop was at Kurfürstendamm. Here is one most beautiful church in Berlin, i think. This church name is Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche. During World War II, the church was destroyed during a British RAF bombing raid in 1943. In the new and rich neighborhoods, it is a good reminder of the war. Behind the church is a memorial to the victims of a terrorist attack of the year 2016. A truck came to the Christmas markets and killed several people. For me it was so sad view. I stood there for a while and thought about the victims.

The first ride by U-Bahn wasn’t problem this day. We were so happy. And I was so proud of my friend. We got right to the East side gallery. Although the closures were on the track. East side gallery is an international memorial for freedom. It is very long wall. The actual border at this point was the river Spree. Everywhere there are graffiti on the wall. Signs proclaim freedom and peace. And we were free and in peace. I loved this little walk around the wall. I also love my freedom in my life.

On the last way to the Check point Charlie we got lost again. We had to use S-Bahn not U-Bahn to get there. But we don’t knew that. We were so stressed and unhappy. We absolutely didn’t know where we were. But Lenka, my brave friend got this! We found train. And were happy travelers again. Don’t worry about us, we are strong and Independent girls. So we get our last stop in Berlin. Check Point Charlie, it was the border crossing in Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie became a symbol of the Cold War, representing the separation of East and West. Soviet and American tanks briefly faced each other at the location during the Berlin Crisis of 1961.


I’m so thankful I could be in Berlin. And I’m glad I could have been there with my friend. It was my best birthday trip. I appreciate you and appreciate the opportunity to travel. So, our next trip together is to Finland. I’m so excited. Because Finland is my spiritual and maybe future home.

With love.


IMG_20170624_165815.jpg Waschmaschine photography.IMG_20170624_171709.jpg Brandenburger Gate was nicer, than everything.IMG_20170624_170503.jpg BundestagIMG_20170624_173251.jpg Praying for a holocaust victims.IMG_20170624_180739 Chilling next to the Berliner Dom. So beautiful park to relax.IMG_20170624_184419 Alexander platz, no more words needed.IMG_20170624_205634Our home for that two amazing birthday days.IMG_20170625_110613Kurfürstendamm selfie with my girl.IMG_20170625_111009I love this church so much.IMG_20170625_123405On our way to see east side gallery.IMG_20170625_123855_1Amen!

IMG_20170625_124749 Feeling free!IMG_20170625_144753 Check Point CharlieIMG_20170625_144951Ooops, are we in Amerika?!IMG_20170625_145105IMG_20170625_145234


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