Hills and water of Alps in Austria

Another day, another experience.

In my previous post,  I briefly introduced Bad Gastein as a destination of our vacation. We took a walk through the town and climbed Stubnerkogel, one of the famous mountain in Alps.

So the next day after Stubnerkogel, we decided to explore Bad Gastein’s surroundings a bit more, despite mild tiredness. We took a walk around this town (and I am intentionally saying around the town). Awesome thing about this place is that it’s literally surrounded by nature. And mountains. Fortunately, there are some paths which leads you around the lower parts of mountains, so you can still see the town from above (if you are willing to walk up) and from every angle. Forests, rivers, fields, meadows and goats, that’s all waiting for you. Occasional banks and resting places are great for snacks and taking breaks.

But what really impressed me was the amazing atmosphere. Clean, maintained and rustic houses popping on the way look like they came right out of fairy tale. Old-styled, but still looking like new, colorful and giving you friendly feeling. I fell in love with almost every single house we came across, hoping I can one day live like this too.

10 points for finding my brother in the picture
Snacking with a view (ignore my old sneakers)
We walked around 30 km that day

Our next destination was a bit further, so we went there by car. No worries, we still walked 25 km that day. But Zell am See, town in Salzburg state, was worth it. The biggest attraction here is Zeller See aka Lake Zell. This huge water area is around 4 km long and 1,5 km wide, and you can walk around it. The weather was quite chilly, but some people actually found the courage to swim or at least put their feet into the water.

Anyway, there are paths all around the lake, but if you follow the most frequent routes, you will find out that the lake is visible only from one side. The other is too covered with trees and family houses and leads too far from the bank to see. This also results in all the stalls and restaurants focused basically only on the first side of the lake. But I can promise you, if you walk around here, you will surely get an outstanding view on this beautiful lake with mountains rising behind. Picture speaks thousand words, so here you are:

Balance is everything

As all good things, this one too had to come to the end. But at least it ended with (medieval) style. Hohenwerfen Castle, located up on the hill (how else, right) in the town Werfen is great piece of architecture. You can either take cableway to the top or walk (guess what we chose). But don’t be afraid of walking, the terrain is okay and it’s not so far. Then you can take a guide through the castle. They are offering audio guides in many languages. They introduce you to 11 important spots and teach you about the history.

Although the guide was interesting, nothing can beat the falcon show. Real professionals are showing their skills and – most importantly – their proud and gorgeous predators. Because seeing huge falcon catching it’s prey in flight, hearing the movement of it’s wings while it flies just few centimeters above your head and witnessing it hanging in the wind with mountains in the background is really strong experience. They perform the show twice a day during summer, and it’s definitely a must if you come close to here.

View from the castle

And that’s it! Describing everything in details would take hours, and who wouldn’t get bored of that. So this is just a short summary of this beautiful area in Austrian Alps. I hoped you enjoyed it at least a bit, because I know for sure that I did!

P. S.: I recently discovered you can watch a live-camera pointing at Bad Gastein. Amazing, if you ask me. So here, have a look: https://badgastein.panomax.com/


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